Who does Product Launch in your company?

Tech product launches are a total company effort – even for billion dollar revenue enterprises.

Given this, the coordination between marketing, development, product management and sales is key.  If any part of this fails, the launch fails – or the impact is muted.  That means wasted opportunity, effort and money.

So who leads this product launch coordination effort then?  Typically, it’s marketing.  Smart marketing leaders spend time with all functions to ensure clarity with launch roles, strategy and plan of record.   Launch is just too complex with too many moving pieces over too long a time frame not to do this.

But while this coordination role for marketing might be simple, it’s hard.  You get busy.  You focus on the messaging and content for launch – stuff that marketers like to do – rather doing the socializing legwork. Yet it’s crucial work.

That’s why tech companies we’ve seen that are successful with launch have a dedicated product launch team.  Launch is their job full-time.  And typically these teams are in marketing.

There’s two obvious benefits for having a dedicated product launch team:

1.  It frees the typical marketer from having to deal with the operational parts of launch, which they most likely don’t want to do.

2.  It provides focus on an important and complex job that only a dedicated team can provide.  Launch is complex mix of strategy, execution, creativity – all major tasks for anyone, let alone stretched out product marketers.

You might see larger tech enterprises have dedicated teams for launch.  But more commonly it’s a part-time job.

Having dedicated, full-time individuals in marketing for launch may seem like a luxury.  Or you can see it as an untapped avenue for advantage.

So it’s worth asking if your company doesn’t have a dedicated team for product launch – why not?

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